20 Things You Should Be Honest About With Your Best Friend

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Best friends are those people that are supposed to be brutally honest with you, even if it might hurt your feelings a little bit. She’s only saying it because she loves you!

  1. That you love her.
  2. That she is going to be your bridesmaid one day.
  3. If you don’t both end up being old cat ladies.
  4. You should tell her when that guy she is dating is really not that awesome. Or hot. And that he is kind of mean to her. If that’s the honest truth, it’s better now than on her wedding day four years from now.
  5. That you ate her leftover burrito last night when you got drunk and she was sleeping.
  6. That those pants are really just a little bit too tight.
  7. Or that her shirt is really kind of see through and she is wearing the cutest bra… that you can totally see from across the room.
  8. That she needs to stop taking tequila shots.
  9. And that table dancing really isn’t the best idea.
  10. That that picture she really likes isn’t exactly the most appropriate picture to post on instagram.
  11. And that passive aggressively tweeting about her ex after a break up isn’t going to make him want her back.
  12. That there really is a surprise party happening at her house for her and that she needs to look really really hot so all of her pictures from that day look cute. But that she still needs to act surprised.
  13. That eating an entire box of cheese its and then going to the gym for twenty minutes aren’t going to even out in the end.
  14. That her spray tan really does look orange (if it’s orange, it’s orange).
  15. That that guy at the bar is checking her out and that she should go talk to him.
  16. That it is also time to go home at the end of the night when that guy (whom you told her to go talk to) is now trying to take the her home.
  17. That Uber is not free when she’s drunk.
  18. That she is a beautiful person.
  19. And that she has really stylish clothes… that you borrow all the time and have sitting at your house.
  20. That she is going to be your best friend forever.

Sloane is a twenty-two year old student at UCI. In her free time she enjoys cruising around Orange Circle in the antique shops as well as exploring Newport and Laguna Beach. She is studying Fashion Merchandizing with a minor in English.