20 Things Happy People Do Differently

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I have been really focusing on what makes a happy person ‘happy’. What I’ve personally found is that there are certain traits among happy people that are pretty consistent across the board.

  1. A positive self-image- If you are happy with yourself and your body, it translates to a lot of other areas of your life.
  2. The ability to communicate- This is so important because people oftentimes get stuck on the negatives and do not know how to cope with them. The problem they’re having lingers instead of being addressed. Happy people tend to take the issue head on, deal with it, and get on with their day.
  3. Kind to others- Saying little nice things here or there goes a long way. If you’re making people smile, you’ll probably be smiling yourself.
  4. Philanthropic service to others- A lot of happy people give back to their community. It’s an easy and rewarding way to get a boost in self-esteem. What you’re doing has an importance.
  5. Avoid the drama- Rather than focusing and dwelling on the negative, happy people look past the issues that aren’t important and move on with their day.
  6. Show gratitude towards others- Being thankful for the things you have is a wonderful thing. Happy people, a lot of times, realize how good they have it and appreciate what they were given.
  7. Meditation & yoga- Sounds cliche, but it’s true. They’re all about finding your inner peace, you should totally try it.
  8. Doing things you love- Instead of doing the day to day monotonous stuff, do something you really enjoy doing. It will make you feel great. Even if you’re just setting aside 10 minutes for it.
  9. Surround themselves with other happy people- If you’re happy, you’re going to want to have friends that are equally as happy. Invest time in those relationships because they are great to have and support positivity.
  10. Be optimistic- This one is huge, if you are so caught up in ‘the glass half empty’ approach, you’re never going to see the positives of anything.
  11. Challenge yourself- Accomplishing things is huge when it comes to self-worth and feeling good. Happy people spend time pushing themselves to be better people and enjoying the fruits of their labor afterwards.
  12. Understand what makes you tick- If you can do this, you are golden. It’s a big step in being happy because if you know what triggers unhappiness, you can avoid it.
  13. Learn to cope- If you’re feeling stressed out, something happy people do is use their coping mechanisms to deal with the issue and breeze through it without much difficulty.
  14. Commit to the goals you set for yourself- Completing goals gives a sense of accomplishment, by sticking with them you aren’t disappointing yourself. This is a big boost in happiness for a lot of people. It’s always nice to accomplish a goal.
  15. Find balance- Do the things that are important, but also do the things you enjoy doing. If you like to go sit on the beach and read, do it! Make time for the important things instead of pushing them off.
  16. Don’t compare yourself to others- It’s not about what you don’t have, it’s about what you do have going for you. Enjoy the things that you have and the qualities that are great about you. Once you start comparing, you’re seeking out flaws in yourself.
  17. Spend time with the people you love- Wether it’s family, friends, or your boo thang, spend time with the people that are important to you.
  18. Forgive- It’s hard, but animosity is a deadly thing when it comes to being happy. Stop thinking about whatever argument you had and start thinking of all the good things happening in your day.
  19. Be honest with yourself- If you make a mistake, fix it. If you did something wrong, apologize. You will feel so much better about yourself and the situation.
  20. It sounds stupid, but smile- Crossing your arms and pouting sends out a really negative energy. Take a deep breath and smile. I bet it’ll feel good!

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