10 Hottest Players in the FIFA World Cup 2014

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So you want to be a “guy’s girl”, right? Watching soccer with your guy pals or beau has never been better! All your friends will think you’re actually interested in the sport, but little do they know, you’re really just in it for the hot, sweaty guys. I mean, who wouldn’t be?


Cristiano Ronaldo- Portugal-29

Cristiano recently rose to fame after his Armani modeling campaign. But sorry ladies, he’s taken! His girlfriend, Irina Shayk, is casually an extremely beautiful swimsuit model. Darn it.


Gerard Pique- Spain-27

This hottie just so happens to be Shakira’s baby daddy. But ugh he cleans up so well, right?



James Troisi- Australia-25

Um, hello? Who can resist an Australian accent? Or that hair…



Graham Zusi- America-27

I love long hair. And I have a strange attraction toward men with ponytails. So naturally I find Graham Zusi to be a very, very attractive man.



Alexander Kerzhakov- Russia-31




Olivier Giroud- France-27

This sexy frenchman was accused of cheating on his wife. Yikes! But men in v-necks = mmmm.


Luke Shaw- England- 18

If you like blondes and men with British accents, then you’re probably swooning over Luke Shaw.



Alexis Sanchez- Chile-25

What can I say? I like the “tall, dark, and handsome” type. Well, he’s only 5’7. But whatever–he’s cute.



Glen Johnson- England-29

Again. “Tall, dark, and handsome”. Who wouldn’t fall for that adorable smile?



Kyle Beckerman-America-32

I have a thing for guys with dreads. And men in suits. What a wonderful combination.



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